Little Sailor's Big Day: Yacht Birthday Magic in Goa's Waters with SeaRay Splendor

Setting sail on joyous waters, our client celebrated their youngest child's birthday aboard the SeaRay 330 yacht in Goa. This comfortable cabin motor yacht welcomed up to 10 guests, creating a perfect setting for family and friends. Embracing the theme of red and blue, we adorned the yacht with vibrant balloon decor, mirroring the cheerful atmosphere of the celebration. The family, our esteemed guests, sported matching red and blue-themed attire, adding a delightful touch to the party. With a personalized 'Happy Birthday, the Little Sailor' cake and a picturesque backdrop provided by our onboard photoshoot and drone footage, every moment was captured in exquisite detail. Cruising Club India ensures your special occasions are not just events but cherished memories. Experience the magic on the sea with us. 🎈🎂⛵️

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 22 October 2023 at 11:19