Beyond the Horizon: Fishing & Recce trip in Panaji

The first light of dawn was breaking over the picturesque Mandovi River, and we, the members of Cruising Club India, stood at the water's edge in Panjim, Goa, eager for the fishing recce adventure. With the promise of serene waters and the thrill of discovering what lay beneath, we embarked on a journey that would reconnect us with nature and the age-old art of fishing.

Upon reaching the meeting point, a knowledgeable local fishing guide welcomed us with a warm smile. Their enthusiasm for the upcoming adventure was contagious, and they provided a briefing that included safety guidelines and insights into the various fish species we might encounter.

The Mandovi River, it turns out, is not just a paradise for anglers but also a haven for birdwatchers. Kingfishers darted like flashes of blue, herons stood like statues along the riverbanks, and an eagle soared majestically overhead.

The highlight of our trip was when one of our companions reeled in a fish. The trip allowed us to disconnect from the noise of the world and reconnect with the rhythms of nature and the rich fishing heritage of this coastal gem.  

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Team Cruising Club India Published at 07 September 2023 at 08:41